Black man cummed over his body

                    Black man cummed over his body                                                   More
Hot black body covered with cum and posing! That cock should've exploded inside my ass!

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  • manuel on 2013-Aug-13 19:23:47 manuel said

    i love it fuck me baby my ice cream
  • richie on 2013-Aug-20 19:47:49 richie said

    that is so hot wish I was there so I could eat all that cum I want to blow my load right now
  • bob on 2014-Aug-09 18:41:02 bob said

    Imagining SUCKING OFF Mr J DOW on weekend nites & Mr CRAIG MELVIN (REPEATEDLY DRY) on weekend days Mr MAURICE weekday nites & Mr SHELDON DUTES ALL day Mr KELLY WRIGHT & OTIS & MANDINGO ALL nite RUPAUL for dessert & ANY BLACK cock that TELLS me to SUCK it DRY 10" PLEEEASE
  • Hasaii bob on 2015-Sep-21 17:40:30 Hasaii bob said

    DEEP up my ass & DOWN my THROAT :-)